JUST IN: Obama’s Spy Chief Admits Trump’s Voice Could Have Been On Wiretap [VIDEO]

JUST IN: Obama’s Spy Chief Admits Trump’s Voice Could Have Been On Wiretap [VIDEO]

Despite vehemently denying President Trump’s seemingly outrageous claims that he had been wiretapped by then-President Obama, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is now admitting that maybe, sorta, kinda, perhaps Trump’s voice could have been recorded on a wiretap.

At the time, he denied that any sort of “wiretap activity” was mounted against Trump or his campaign.

“But I will say that, for the part of the national security apparatus that I oversaw as DNI, there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the president-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign,” he stated in an interview.

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Well, now that we know for a fact that Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, was wiretapped by the government, Clapper is backpedaling with almost Olympic-level speed and he’s in serious damage control mode.

He went on CNN, who absolutely refused to believe that President Trump was wiretapped and wrote a number of articles that articulated as much, and tried to claim that he had no knowledge of the action and was unaware of a FISA warrant against Manafort. (For those of you keeping score, that’s Trump: 1 CNN: 0.)

He did, however, admit that Trump’s voice may have been recorded on the wiretap in an interview with host Don Lemon.

“Is it possible the president was picked up in a conversation with Paul Manafort?” Lemon asked.

“It’s certainly conceivable,” Clapper responded carefully.

“Is it likely?” Lemon continued, trying to get the truth out of a man who has a penchant for bald-faced lies.

“I can’t say,” Clapper answered, refusing to say anything that would further hurt his case. “I wouldn’t want to go there. I will say it’s possible.”

Watch the video below:

Clapper had also stated in the past that if there was a FISA ordered wiretap, he didn’t know about it.

We all know he’s a liar. That much has been made like perfectly clear. But what we need to determine now is what was he lying about. Is he lying about not knowing about the wiretap? Or was he lying about what his job would allow him to know? If it’s the latter, then the government is even bigger and more corrupt than we have given it credit for and we need to shrink it down as fast as possible. There is no excuse for this kind of unconstitutional behavior and we can not let it fade into background noise. We need to nip this in the bud.

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