KARMA! Katy Perry VICIOUSLY Attacked Online By Her OWN For ‘Microaggression’ Against OBAMA!

by Just An American | May 3, 2017 4:51 am

Well now, we all know that when liberals eat themselves…it’s not something you want to miss.

This special case of it is no exception for that rule. Former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is no longer sitting in the White House ruining America from the top down.

BUT, that certainly doesn’t mean that the ‘left’ is done and over their whining love affair with him and his family…and his dogs.


No one can touch him. If you try, these whiners will be quick to play the race card, whether or not logic tells another story. They will ensure that the slight of the man will be made to be about race.

That’s just the way the ball rolls with Obama’s minions and it’s just ridiculous to no end.[2]

Now, even die hard Hillary fan, Katie Perry, has learned the hard way that no one is safe from the ‘crazy’ happenings in this nation. Not even the Queen of all things liberal and destructive to this country.

After she made a certain comment online, Obama’s hypersensitive snowflakes decided they were going to mop the floor with her, and of course they were…they are in a love affair with the guy.

Who cares if she was a die hard Hillary Clinton fan…they will still attack. They are all snakes, every last one of them.

“Oh someone says ‘I miss your old black hair,’” she says in a video clip posted online.

“Oh really, do you miss Barack Obama as well? OK, times change, bye!” Perry added, while making a pouty face.

“See you guys later,” she laughs, before saying, “I should leave now.”

Someone in the background jokes about Perry, who is sipping a beverage through a straw, being “cut off now.”

And that’s all it took, mentioning the former president’s name in the same breath as a reference to her “old black hair” to be labeled a racist in post-Obama America.

Wasting no time, tolerate liberals went to the long knives, viciously attacking Perry on social media:

Yea, I don’t know about this… maybe she meant to insult Obama and maybe no. Either way the problem remains the same, Katie Perry is being a total brat.

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