Keeping It Real: Obama Reportedly Looking to Buy on Martha’s Vineyard

by Dave Blount | September 5, 2017 1:20 pm

Having acquired $zillions in the course of his career in community organizing and public service, Barack Obama may be looking to buy a home on pricey Martha’s Vineyard:

Word around the island is that the Obamas, who’ve rented a place on the Vineyard for the past several summers, are looking to buy. The former first family has many friends on Martha’s Vineyard — Harvard professors Henry Louis “Skip” Gates and Charles Ogletree, and former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, to name just a few — and they would like to own a place of their own on the island.

Readers may remember Gates is a Harvard professor who thinks he is oppressed by racist America.

It surprised me that Obama would spend a good eight figures on a home in this exclusive playland of the liberal elite’s upper crust. I thought surely he would want to hang with his homies on the South Side of Chicago. Didn’t they launch him on his path to fame and fortune?

Obama keeping it real on Martha’s Vineyard.

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