Kellyanne Conway Is Being MASSACRED By The Left For What Just Happened In The Oval Office

Kellyanne Conway Is Being MASSACRED By The Left For What Just Happened In The Oval Office

The left… drama queens, that will take anything they can get on someone they don’t like and twist it into something that it isn’t. Obnoxious yes.

Effective…sadly yes.

Poor Kellyanne Conway is being brutally massacred on the Internet after some photos leaked of her in the Oval office. What was she doing? Well she was simply taking pictures and every photographer knows, if you’re going to take a good picture you have to get the right angle.

Well, whoever the asshat is that leaked the photo just opened up a can of whoop.

Kellyanne Conway was kneeling on the couch in the Oval Office…and what the left is losing their crap over is that she had her high heels on while doing it.

What the what? Makes zero sense…but there you are. This is the picture that has the left acting like utter fools. Again.

When we say they are being brutal…we mean it. This is the garbage that has found its way onto the Internet:




HOWEVER…idiots they may be, but they have really hit rock bottom in the ‘thinking’ department if they forgot about their precious anti-American president Obama and just how classy he kept it in the Oval Office himself.

Here…a little refresher.




So there you go….

Dear Left, get over it you knuckleheads. She was trying to take a picture, so go slap yourselves.

As per usual, the left has nothing actually substantial to complain about or OUST Trump and his administration on…so they have resulted to acting like the sky is falling over inanimate objects that no one cares about.

Like heels.

So what if she has her heels on while trying to take a picture from the couch?

Remember that one time when Obama signed a deal with Iran that could potentially kill us all pretty darn dead?

Yea…no comparison.

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