Man With Largest Carbon Footprint In The World Says There’s No Plan B On Climate Change

by William Teach | August 4, 2015 7:56 am

Let’s remember, this is a guy who took a big fossil fueled auto convoy to Andrews to play a round of golf, then jumped in a fossil fueled helicopter to get to a fossil fueled plane. This was just this past weekend. This is a guy who has taken separate flights from his family for vacations. A guy who flew in his dog on a separate plane. A guy who had to be browbeat to put solar panels up on the White House. A guy who is known for keeping the White House extra toasty (using lots of energy). A guy who takes lots and lots of fossil fueled flights across the country for short official speeches, followed by multiple fundraisers, all of which require huge fossil fueled auto convoys

(The Hill[1]) President Obama on Monday rolled out a historic rule that imposes the first-ever federal limits on greenhouse gas pollution from power plants.

An emotional Obama argued climate change already affects the “reality we’re living with every day,” adding that it would be “shameful” if the U.S. waited any longer to address its causes.

“We only get one home. We only get one planet. There is no plan B,” he said at the White House. “I don’t want my grandkids to not be able to swim in Hawaii, or not to be able to climb a mountain and see a glacier, because we didn’t do something about it.”

So, Plan A is to implement rules that will drastically increase energy costs, will which increase the cost of almost everything else, which will harm the lower and middle classes, all while doing nothing for the climate. Even the NY Times had to admit[2] that this will accomplish nothing, unless all the other countries in the world do the same.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulation demands that power producers cut their carbon emissions 32 percent below what they were a decade ago by 2030, and is designed to encourage use of cleaner alternatives.

But Republicans and industry groups have vowed to fight the rule in Congress and the courts, arguing that it could kill jobs in coal-producing areas, drive up power bills and cause the electric grid to become unreliable.

The NY Times’s Editorial Board[3] notes that this Plan A will shut down hundreds of coal fired power plants: there is no possible way, at least in Reality Land, that this can lead to lowering the cost of energy.

Obama announced he will be the first president to travel to the Alaskan Arctic, where he will highlight the negative effects of climate change. He’ll also promote clean energy sources during an event this month in Las Vegas.

So, he’s going to take a very long fossil fueled flight, accompanied by a backup plan, plus all the fossil fueled vehicles that travel with him, to highlight the dangers of “climate change”? It really doesn’t get much more hypocritical.

He assailed “the special interests and their allies in Congress” who claim the rule will “cost jobs, kill jobs, destroy the coal industry, and hurt low-income and minority community.”

What of the special interests pushing this job killing plan that will hurt the low-income and minority community? In fact, the majority of the people in these groups are lilly-White liberals. It is a very non-diverse movement.

“We’ve heard these same stale arguments before,” he said. “Every time America has made progress, it has been despite these kinds of claims.”

“If you care about low-income and minority communities, start by protecting the air that they breathe,” he added.

400ppm (parts per million) of CO2 is absolutely no threat to anyone, except in the fevered minds of Cult of Climastrology members. Most raw data shows that, despite the rise in CO2, the earth is not warming or has only warmed in a statistically insignificant manner since the last big El Nino in 1998.

Unsurprisingly, this plan gives the federal government massive new power and control[4] over the energy sector and states. And that, right there, is the main point. Expect lots and lots of lawsuits.

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