Mark Levin on Trump’s Wiretapping Claims: ‘The Evidence Is Overwhelming’ [VIDEO]

Mark Levin on Trump’s Wiretapping Claims: ‘The Evidence Is Overwhelming’ [VIDEO]

A radio talk show host is backing Trump’s claims regarding Obama illegally wire tapping Trump Tower during the campaign.

Mark Levin said that there is “overwhelming evidence” that Obama is guilty of spying on the then-Republican Presidential candidate. He discussed his opinion while on “Fox & Friends” Sunday morning.


From Breitbart:

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s tweets accusing the former Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election, conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin broke down the wiretapping reporting.

Levin said, “Well, a pleasure to be here. The evidence is overwhelming. This is not about President Trump’s tweeting. This is about the Obama administration spying, and the question is not whether it spied. We know they went to the FISA court twice. The question is who they did spy on and the extent of the spying that is the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates.”

Levin then read several news articles about the surveillance.

Watch the video below:

Let’s hope that if this does turn out to be true, the repercussions are swift and severe. Infringement of our rights as Americans should NEVER be tolerated, for any reason.

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