Michelle Obama’s classmate a senior VP with company that created Healthcare.gov

by Cheryl Carpenter Klimek | October 27, 2013 4:20 am

Not only did CGI Federal have a no-bid contract to build: Obamacare’s HealthCare.gov website, The Daily Caller revealed that one of the company’s senior executives was a Princeton University classmate of: first lady Michelle Obama.

CGI was one of 16 companies qualified to provide services to the federal government,: but its: bid was the only one reviewed by the Department of Health and Human Services under a federal procurement: loophole, the: Washington Examiner: reported earlier this month.

Toni Townes-Whitley CGI


Toni Townes-Whitley, who graduated with Michelle Obama in the: Princeton’s class of 1985, is a senior vice president at CGI Federal. The two women are members of the: Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

Townes-Whitley is also a: former employee of the General Accounting Office and served in the Peace Corps in Gabon, West Africa, according to: The Daily Caller.

CGI refused comment when contacted by The Daily Caller, deferring to employee Cheryl Campbell’s House testimony earlier in the week

Healthcare.gov isn’t the first failed project for CGI, according to the Examiner, which reported:

CGI in Canada also suffered embarrassment in 2011 when it failed to deliver on time for Ontario province’s flagship project a new online medical registry for diabetes patients and treatment providers.

Ontario government officials cancelled the $46.2 million contract after 14 months of delay in September 2012. Ontario officials currently refuse to pay any fees to CGI for the failed IT project.

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