Montel Williams Tells It Like It Is… Sentence Chicago Kidnappers – NO MERCY!

Montel Williams Tells It Like It Is… Sentence Chicago Kidnappers – NO MERCY!

No one in their right mind found it easy to get through watching the terrifying video of the horrific kidnapping of a special needs young male adult. It hit the nation like a truck to see such cruelty and wickedness being dealt out by mentally stable young people to someone who is mentally challenged and frightened for his life. It’s nothing less than heartbreaking and many Americans were pushed to tears in their sorrow for the poor guy.


Many spoke out in support. Not too surprising, but very disappointing however…there were some liberal asshats who couldn’t help but still talk out of their butts on the subject stating that it wasn’t a hate crime and we need to wait for all the facts.

A-holes. It was all on video…real and raw. We don’t need to wait for authorities to tell us what we can see with our own eyes.

So shut your face.

Now, there is a voice that has spoken out, that comes as a little refreshing…

Montel Williams is speaking out and his suggestion is far from what most would think he would say.

Williams wrote in a Facebook post:

Life in prison. No parole. I’m not interested in whether these kids had a tough life, whether their parents loved them enough, I don’t care.

Whether this is a hate crime is a distraction and irrelevant – THIS IS THE COLD BLOODED TORTURE OF AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING. That’s bigger than a hate crime, it’s bigger than racism (saying F*ck white people is racist by definition), its bigger than politics.

Life in prison. No parole. If you can do this to another human being once, you can’t be trusted to not do it again.

My prayers go out to the young man in this disgusting video.

Now this is a reaction I can stand behind no matter who you are. It’s right.

It’s refreshing yes, but even more so… it’s RIGHT ON target.

Mainstream media has worked this story over and over and just made asses of themselves trying to talk it to death to squeeze any sort of REAL emotion from what had happened. That’s how you get people to stop talking about it…that’s how you bury it.

CNN’s Lemon even came out and said it’s not a hate crime but… bad parenting.

Ridiculous. What those thugs did was pure wickedness and they did it with no remorse and smiles on their faces.

Smiles that most of America wished they could slap off their faces.

I don’t care about color. I care that these 4 monsters had the capacity to be so wicked, so evil…to a helpless boy who is already fighting his own battles that far surpass any that they could possibly have and they took it upon themselves to make his life worse, and now SCARRED forever.

Who do we blame? The people who made the choice to do evil in the first place. We all, no matter our background, know what is right and what is wrong at this degree of wickedness. They chose to hurt this boy and thought it was so entertaining that they live streamed it.

They thought they would be supported for it, because that is what Obama’s America has shown them they can do and be justified.

When you have a President who chooses to lead from behind and stays silent in the midst of wrong doing…that breeds hatred. Period.

However, this demon spawn knew what they were doing was wrong when they were doing it. Even if they thought it was acceptable in the eyes of Obama’s screwed up America.

Now that is refreshing. After the mainstream media has worked overtime to minimize this heinous crime, it’s nice to see Williams tell it like it is. As Louder with Crowder pointed out, Williams isn’t exactly a conservative either, and his Facebook page has “many a post of the touchy-feely, liberal talking point variety. Methinks he dons many an awareness ribbon.”

Prayers going out to this poor boy, may the comfort and healing that only divine power can give be poured out over him. So he can forget about this horrifying experience.

At this point, I think the only thing that will help Americans drop the weight that is on their hearts for what happened to this poor boy is to see him recovered and doing well.

Here’s hoping…

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