Moron Celebrity Calls On Her Followers For A Military Coup Against Trump

Moron Celebrity Calls On Her Followers For A Military Coup Against Trump

What a total nutcase crazy. Seriously…I feel terribly bad for her brain, it has to be awful in there. Can you even imagine?


Wait, don’t try…you may never be the same again.

Sarah Silverman has once again fallen off the deep end. We all know her to be a wildly outspoken liberal who had a crush on Senator Bernie Sanders and his policies of nothingness during the Democratic presidential primary.

Now her and her crazy has taken to twitter and posted up a list that was created by another Twitter user showing detailed steps taken by the new White House administration.

On this list was the confirmation of Rex Tillerson as the new secretary of state and Trump metaphorically telling Mitch McConnell to “go nuclear” if Democrats fought against his newest nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

It looked a lot like this…


Soon after sharing that list on her twitter, she also tweeted out this hot mess of a message…

So, what do you think? Pretty trashy right? There is nothing on this list that is even remotely something to validate her call for a freaking coup and yet…there she is, tweeting out that the sky is falling.

Of course, to give her the benefit of the doubt, she is not the only crazy leftist calling out for a military coup so publicly.

Former adviser to Obama, Rosa Brooks also wrote a piece for Foreign Policy magazine that she titled: “3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020”

One of those options? A Military coup.

“For the first time in my life, I can imagine plausible scenarios in which senior military officials might simply tell the president: ‘No, sir. We’re not doing that,’ to thunderous applause from the New York Times editorial board,” Brooks wrote.


Silverman’s call this time around to get the military on the leftists’ side and seeing from their point of view seems like an impossible feat.

What do they not get? First, AMERICA and her people voted Trump into the White House in the FIRST PLACE. Second, Trump had far more support from the military than his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton.

They want the military on their side, but they haven’t treated the military or their sacrifices with any kind of respect for a very long time…


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