“Mr. President, You Are My Commander-in-Chief. Get Me Out of Jail.” Marine Rotting in Mexican Prison For Making a Driving Mistake Pleads With Obama to Free Him Like He Did Bergdahl

by Cassy Fiano | June 6, 2014 11:57 am

Obama has proudly declared that he doesn’t leave any Americans behind as justification for choice to trade five high-level terrorists for deserter Bowe Bergdahl. This apparently doesn’t apply to Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, trapped in a Mexican prison and being held in despicable conditions, simply for making a wrong turn.


A US Marine held in a Mexican jail for over two months after mistakenly entering the country with guns has made an impassioned plea today for President Obama to secure his release.

Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi said as the head of the military Mr Obama should get personally involved in his plight.

‘Mr. President, you are my Commander in Chief. Please get me out of jail.’

Speaking exclusively to Mail Online from his Mexican prison, the 25-year-old said: ‘I am still in the Marines and President Obama is my Commander in Chief.

‘I want him to get involved. He was involved in helping to free a prisoner of war, and that is how I feel I am being treated.

‘I am able to cope right now, but I want out. This has gone on too long. I am innocent and have done nothing wrong.’

… Tahmooressi’s ordeal began on March 31 when he says he mistakenly drove into Mexico with three guns in the back of his pickup truck.

He had recently relocated from Daytona Beach, Florida, where he was studying to be an commercial airline pilot.

Suffering from PTSD from his two tours of duty in Afghanistan, he had been persuaded by a Marine friend to seek help from the Veterans Administration in San Diego.

On the morning of March 31 he had a meeting with doctors who agreed a course of treatment for PTSD.

As he had yet to rent a place to live he had all his possessions in the back of his pick up truck, including a AR-15 rifle, shotgun and handgun.

All the weapons were legal and licensed to Tahmooressi.

… Instead of heading North on Interstate 5 he took a wrong turning out of the car park and ended up a Mexican checkpoint.

Tahmooressi told the border guards about the three weapons in the back of his pickup truck and explained he had taken a wrong turn after getting lost.

It is illegal to cross the border to Mexico with any weapons.

… ‘While he was at the La Mesa jail where he was first held he was tortured, brutalized and victimized,” said Mrs Tahmooressi.

‘He was stripped naked and chained to a bedpost. When they undid the chains he was so weak he could not walk. At one point he was shackled to a bed with a four point restraint. That is not right. No soldier, no person should have to endure that sort of treatment.’

‘How is that anyway for a US Marine who has not been convicted of a crime to be treated. He was being treated like a prisoner of war.’

Of course, there’s no political benefit to Obama in freeing Tahmooressi, and he also doesn’t really care much for the military to begin with. Tahmooressi is undergoing a hellish ordeal, and his commander-in-chief should be doing everything he can to free him. But unfortunately, if Tahmooressi’s fate is in the hands of Barack Obama, then it doesn’t seem likely that he will be freed any time soon — unless, of course, we can find some MS-13 thugs imprisoned somewhere that Obama can set free in exchange.

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