NEWS ALERT: Obama Admin Openly Calls For A Retreat From ISIS – Are They Asking Us To Stand Down?

NEWS ALERT: Obama Admin Openly Calls For A Retreat From ISIS – Are They Asking Us To Stand Down?

A couple of days ago, Obama made moves to withdraw 700 US soldiers from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. It would have been a cowardly move and Obama knows it. The action would have made the US look weak and craven. Thankfully, this has been reversed. It is being said that our soldiers are sitting ducks there and that ISIS could wipe them out. If that is true, it is because they have had their hands so tied that they can’t fight and win. We can’t afford to retreat… what we need to do is advance and kill the enemy. Annihilate them. The Pentagon previously funneled 75 additional troops into the region to enhance security. According to Fox News, however, the 1978 Camp David Accord prevents any of these forces from attacking militants in the first place. That’s insane. That means our soldiers there are indeed sitting ducks. Why are they there if they can’t fight?


From the Conservative Tribune:

The Obama administration announced tentative plans to withdraw roughly 700 U.S. soldiers from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt due to growing threats from the Islamic State group, and though the administration claimed otherwise, this sounded somewhat like retreat.

“The U.S., however, is adamant that it can still fulfill its treaty obligations and this move, if approved by the signatories, would not signal a U.S. military retreat in the face of an ISIS threat,” CNN reported.

What do you call it though when a military force evacuates a region out of concerns about a potential attack?

If we aren’t allowed to fight militants in the Sinai, we should not be there. Surely ISIS knows that our troops are not allowed to attack them. That is a recipe for getting every one of our troops killed. The soldiers are there to observe terrorist movements in the region and remain 10 steps ahead of the Islamic State group. Isn’t that what we have special ops for? Why are soldiers doing this that aren’t allowed to defend themselves? Why don’t we do a do-over on the Camp David Accord? ISIS is growing at an alarming rate in the Sinai. Somebody better engage them and soon. If they don’t, they will take the region and then on to Israel. There is now a full-blown war going on between ISIS and the Egyptian army. And we just watch. This is just mind blowing.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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