North Korea Blows Biggest Nuke-Bomb Yet, Obama PISSED… Was He The Target? [VIDEO]

North Korea Blows Biggest Nuke-Bomb Yet, Obama PISSED… Was He The Target? [VIDEO]

Thanks to Obama and his gutting of our military, incessant apology tours and the propping up of and groveling before Iran, our enemies including North Korea are laughing at us and ridiculing our president. With good reason, I might add. North Korea conducted their second nuclear test this year immediately after Obama left Laos. You think that wasn’t timed as a giant, radioactive middle finger to Obama? Damn straight it was.

There was a 5.3 magnitude quake that alerted South Korea to the detonation. North Korea was quick to confirm a successful nuclear test in their northeast. The massive quake was caused by a 10 kiloton blast. This is in response to sanctions placed on the Hermit Kingdom basically for being a despotic douche. Their technology is supplied not only by the Chinese, but the Russians AND the Iranians. Welcome to the new Axis of Evil.


From the Daily Mail:

North Korea carried out its second nuclear test this year just hours after President Obama wrapped up his tour of Asia.

Pyongyang confirmed it conducted a successful explosion which triggered a 5.3-magnitude ‘artificial’ earthquake in the country’s north east.

The reclusive country boasted about its growing nuclear arsenal on state-controlled TV and said the test was in response to the strict international sanctions imposed against it.

North Korea said it would continue to strengthen ‘the quantity and quality’ of its nuclear weapons.

This came just one day after Obama bragged in Laos that he will strive to reduce North Korea’s nuclear threat in his final months as president. Uh yeah… great job there dude. He then called for tightening sanctions against Kim Jong Un in the wake of his firing three long range ballistic missiles this week… directly at Japan. “We are deeply disturbed by what’s happened,” he said before calling on the country’s sole ally China to work with the US to eliminate the threat it poses. Good luck with that… the Chinese will lie and backtrack on this, just as they always do.

Obama spoke to the leaders of Japan and South Korea and promised to ensure that ‘provocative actions from North Korea are met with serious consequences’, a spokesman said. Does anyone, I mean ANYONE, seriously believe that anymore? South Korean President Park Geun-hye said the test was a clear violation of security council resolutions and accused Kim of ‘maniacal recklessness’.

North Korea’s state TV said the test ‘examined and confirmed’ features of a nuclear warhead designed to be mounted on ballistic missiles. The NoKos are preparing for war. South Korean President Park Geun-Hye called an emergency meeting with her aides in Vientiane after the North tested the nuclear warhead. South Korea is warning of North Korea’s self-destruction. I’m not so sure of that and it worries me.

The test came on the day North Korean officials gathered at a massive indoor rally in Pyongyang marking the 68th anniversary of the founding of the nation. The earthquake was detected near the country’s only nuclear testing site, Punggye-ri, which has hosted all four of the country’s confirmed nuclear tests so far.

Sooner or later war is coming and North Korea will be in the thick of it. They have nuclear missiles with ‘America’ stenciled on them and waiting. I suggest someone take these monsters seriously before they hit us for real.









Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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