Obama Aide Breaks Silence, Reveals All: WH Team Used Jobs to Sleep With Women, President Dropped F-Bomb

by Cassy Fiano | July 11, 2017 12:35 pm

There have been a lot of comparisons made between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Liberals like to claim that Obama brought class to the White House, while Trump is crass and unprofessional. But new revelations from one of Obama’s speechwriters[1] paints quite a different picture.


David Litt began working for the Obama administration as a speechwriter at the young age of 24. He worked for the administration for most of the eight years Obama was in office and has now published a book about his experiences. “Thanks, Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years” details what life was like behind closed doors in the Obama administration.

According to Litt, he was part of an all-male, all-white team of speechwriters, all under 40, who would use their White House status to pick up women. Litt said that they all smoked, drank, called each other “bro” and pretended to like college basketball in order to keep Obama happy.

One aide, Litt said, used his White House business card to pick up a blonde reporter and sleep with her, which he then bragged about to his White House “bros.”

Litt also said that he was hired to work for the administration despite disclosing past drug use. “After some back-of-the-envelope math, I listed thirty instances of undergraduate marijuana use, plus one experience with mushrooms I made clear I hadn’t enjoyed,” he wrote. “Each day my heart pounded as I scanned my inbox. Had something gone wrong with my urine sample? Had the vetters learned about the month in college when I paired thrift-store blazers with Looney Tunes pajamas and was certain I started a trend?”

Even though drug use was rumored to be an automatic disqualification, Litt was still hired and joined the team which Litt seems to describe as a D.C. frat house. “I studied the West Wing with my anthropological intensity, and had learned to translate my boss’s unique dialect: the curt, one-line message,” he wrote. “The final category of email, and by far the most precious, was any message containing the words ‘boom!’ or ‘bro’. These were special. They meant you were totally killing it and had established yourself as a valued member of the team.”

He also explained how staffers would pick up women: by using their White House connections. “There was the winter, for example, when a blond local newscaster caught the eye of a co-worker. (I’ll call him Chase, because that’s what he enjoyed),” he said. “‘Chase’ pursued the news anchor by inviting her to holiday receptions and sports teams visits to the White House.”

It wasn’t just Litt and his team that engaged in the bro culture; Litt says that Obama himself participated, too. Obama allegedly loved jokes that alluded to the size of his manhood and dropped f-bombs and would whistle constantly, which irritated aides.

Are you surprised by any of Litt’s revelations?

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