Obama Commuted Life Sentence Of This Criminal, Set Him Free – Now Look What Just Happened!

Obama Commuted Life Sentence Of This Criminal, Set Him Free – Now Look What Just Happened!

Obama’s decisions were always bad for Americans, but when he commuted the sentence of Robert M. Gill, a cocaine and heroin dealer because Gill had supposedly “demonstrated the potential to turn (his) life around,” Obama helped him out and set him free.

Well, he just got busted. Again.

Shocking, I know.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Two years ago, then-President Barack Obama commuted the life sentence of cocaine and heroin dealer Robert M. Gill, 68, on the basis that he had “demonstrated the potential to turn (his) life around.”

As usual, Obama had been dead wrong: Gill was arrested Thursday in San Antonio, Texas, after local authorities caught him with more than two pounds of cocaine following a high-speed chase during which he collided with another vehicle, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

After meeting with his probation officer for a routine check, Gill traveled to the parking lot of a food market where he purchased two pounds of cocaine from an unnamed seller, according to the Express-News.

Unbeknownst to Gill at the time was that a sheriff’s deputy had been tracking his movements. When the deputy attempted to apprehend him, Gill made a break for it, leading authorities on a high-speed chase in which he eventually crashed into another vehicle. Upon being arrested, he admitted that he had been intending to sell the cocaine to earn extra money.

If convicted, Gill could wind up behind bars for another 40 years.

According to the Express-News, Gill had been “one of about 1,700 federal inmates whose sentences Obama commuted as part of a broader campaign to give relief to nonviolent offenders serving long prison terms that dated to a frenzied period in the nation’s war on drugs.”

I thought Obama’s decisions were bad, but seriously? He just put a lot of people in danger because he was trying to be President Rainbows And Puppies And Unicorns.

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