OBAMA CONFESSES: If You Knew Everything I Did ‘I Wouldn’t Have Been President’

OBAMA CONFESSES: If You Knew Everything I Did ‘I Wouldn’t Have Been President’

In a bizarre admission that was no doubt intended to be humorous, Obama stated that if we had pictures of everything he did, he would never have been President.

The statement came after he was asked about the role of social media and the way your postings can follow you into the future.

Turns out college students are worried that their “turnt” photos are going to be considered less-than-professional when they apply at that Fortune 500 company.

Former President Obama answered questions during a speech at the University of Chicago, his alma-mater. One of the questions came from student activist Harish Patel, who wondered how troubling it will be to have your social media posts follow you through your career.

His answer? “Own it.”

With the internet, [your] past is always there. One way to think about it is just to own it. The truth is, if you had pictures of everything I had done when I was in high school I probably wouldn’t have been President of the United States.

Now wait, hold up. What kind of things did you do that would disqualify you from the presidency and don’t you think that’s something we, as the people who elected you, should know?

He wisely told the group that they should be careful of the pictures they take.

Nobody felt it necessary to follow up on his ominous admission. Did he sacrifice goats? Did he once trip a girl on the playground? What was he talking about?

It seems to be a moot point now, as he is no longer the President, but for someone who promised “transparency” in his administration, you would think that he would apply that to every facet of his life.

It’s just disconcerting to hear a former President chuckle while telling people that he wouldn’t have been President, had they had Facebook in his day.

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