Obama Has “No Patience For People Who Deny Hotcoldwetdry”

by William Teach | May 31, 2013 8:30 am

This from a the guy with the largest “carbon footprint” on the planet

(The Hill[1]) President Obama, echoing his new Energy secretary’s recent comments, said late Wednesday that he’s open to new climate policy ideas but has no interest in battling over whether climate change is real.

“If I’ve got somebody who has a different approach to dealing with climate change – I don’t have much patience for people who deny climate change, but if you’ve got creative approaches, market-based approaches, tell me about them,” Obama said at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago.

I’d guess Obama has no patience for himself, since he is actually denying “climate change”

But Obama may have invited fresh debate Wednesday by noting, “We also know that the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago.”

Surface air temperatures have increased more slowly than predicted over the last 10 to 15 years, leading to ongoing analysis among scientists of reasons why, such as the role of oceans in heat uptake and other factors.

As I’ve written time and time again, according to the Met Office data the world temperature has risen a tiny 0.28F since 1990 and 0.14F since 1997. If the Modern Warm Period is so horrible, why aren’t Vikings farming in Greenland[2]? The temperatures are not warm enough now to do what the Vikings did back during the Medieval Warm Period.

If Obama is really concerned, he can start by not taking the constant fossil fueled flights criss-crossing the county followed by huge motorcades, all for short campaign style appearances or fund-raisers. Oh, and big motorcades to go play golf. And turn that AC off in the White House, because it is Bad for hotcoldwetdry. Open the windows, catch the fresh air. Stop using washers and driers, which are also bad for hotcoldwetdry. The White House has huge grounds, perfect for line drying.

@barackobama[3]“Deny” and “believe” are religious terms, not scientific ones. The US is having the coldest spring since 1917.

— Steve Goddard (@SteveSGoddard) May 31, 2013[4]

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