Obama Is MEDDLING – Guess Which Election He Has His Sights Set On Now! [VIDEO]

Obama Is MEDDLING – Guess Which Election He Has His Sights Set On Now! [VIDEO]

I have not commented on the French election. Not because I haven’t been watching it or because I don’t care… I care a great deal. It’s because I don’t like their options over there. I fully supported Brexit. I still do. The French election is between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron basically. They are the two top candidates in the forum. I want to state here that I don’t care for Le Pen. She has taken a ton of money from the Russians and she is opposed to NATO. However, she also opposes the EU and illegal immigration. I support her on that. Macron on the other hand is a progressive communist. Given the choice between the two, I’ll roll the dice and take Le Pen.

President Trump supports Le Pen for basically the same reasons I do… borders and immigration. Barack Obama is wholeheartedly behind Macron. I’m sure you are not surprised. He called Emmanuel Macron, the center-left candidate seen as Le Pen’s sturdiest challenger. “The main message that I have is to wish you all the best in the coming days,” Obama can be heard telling Macron in a recording of the video the candidate posted on Twitter Thursday. “Make sure you that, as you said, you work hard all the way through. Because, you never know — it might be that last day of campaigning that makes all the difference.” If Obama is for him, I don’t care if he’s running against the Easter Bunny… vote for the rabbit.

From Young Conservatives:

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The presidential election in France is just a couple days away and things are really starting to heat up.

Let’s be honest. France has one shot and it’s Marine Le Pen. The country is completely screwed if they go liberal again after all the terrible things that have been happening in their country.

Sweden, Germany, and several other countries will never be the same after the insane decision to let hundreds of thousands of unvetted refugees in with no plan on how to handle it. France has already been devastated by several terror attacks and the country has refused to take the necessary steps to stop them from happening again. Le Pen is the only candidate in the race taking it seriously. That alone should be reason enough.

Having said that, ultimately it’s up to the people of France to decide who they want.

France has the largest Muslim population in the EU. They also have the highest number of terrorists due to their leaders opening their borders and not vetting refugees. It’s insanity. Many parts of Paris look like a dirty slum now because of this. At least Le Pen has France’s best interests at heart and is not a commie. This is up to the French and the race is too close to call, which is just nuts. If they vote in the communist, they are done for. We’ll probably know tomorrow.

Unlike Le Pen’s hardline stance in the wake of this week’s terror attack, Macron sounded a decidedly Obama-esque note. “Do not give in to fear, do not give in to division, do not give in to intimidation,” Macron said. “The choice that you have to make on Sunday must be a choice for the future.” Yes, it’s the progressive choice of communism versus nationalism. They have a chance with Le Pen and none at all with Macron.

Even before Trump and Obama got involved in the French election, it was already regarded as the latest test of the sweeping global populism that led to Britain’s stunning break from the European Union and Trump’s staggering victory stateside last November. Le Pen has positioned herself as a strident nationalist who believes immigration has eroded the idea of France and that it needs to be seriously curtailed. And she’s right. Will France go the way of the UK or choose national suicide a la Sweden? It is unlikely anyone will get 50% of the vote tomorrow, which means the top two will have a run off on May 7th. Let’s hope the French choose wisely for once. Either way, this historic election is going to change the world one way or another and both Trump and Obama know it.

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