JUST IN: Obama Issues Statement On “NICE” Attack, Says THIS About ISLAM – Outrage Ensues… [VIDEO]

November is so close, yet so far away and getting more difficult to be patient for. Obama is just too much these days. He’s getting more and more bold and unafraid to do and say things that reflect the truth about him. He hates America. It’s no secret that President Obama chooses NOT to talk about terrorists attacks and when he does it’s twisted to be something anything but that. This is no exception…


From Young Conservatives:

Our president weighed in on the Nice terror attacks today.

It didn’t go well…

Diplomacy. Yeah, that’ll do it.

Really diplomatic people those ISIS characters.

What is this guy talking about?

Why does he feel the need to tell everyone how peaceful Islam is every time this happens?

That has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

Sure there are peaceful Muslims, maybe even the majority, but we are talking about the very real problem that the radical ones are causing.

As you can imagine, he got hammered on Twitter.

I don’t know about you, but living in an Obama’s America…sucks. May Americans never vote for a President who chooses to lead from behind again. EVER.

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