Obama Mocked In Egypt With Popular Bellydancing Video

by John Hawkins | August 5, 2013 5:08 am

Like almost everything else in his presidency, Obama’s handling of the tumult in Egypt has been completely inept. He backed the overthrow of pro-American dictator Hosni Mubarak by the anti-America, pro-terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Although it was elected, the Muslim Brotherhood was clearly taking steps designed to permanently cement itself into power. Nevertheless, Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood wholeheartedly. However, the Egyptian people didn’t. They backed a military coup and deeply resented Obama’s mindless support for the radical Islamist thugs in the Muslim Brotherhood.

obama bellydance[1]

Will the military coup lead to a better, more democratic Egypt? Who knows? Most revolutions don’t end as well as the one we had in our country.

However, what we do know is that Obama’s incompetence is turning the Egyptian people against him and rather bizarrely, you can see evidence of that in this extremely popular bellydancing video from Egypt[2].

The popularity of a music video by Egyptian singer and belly dancer Sama Al Masry who ridicules and curses the U.S. president is just one example of the growing trend. The video was uploaded at the end of July and by Sunday morning, August 4, it had already been viewed more than 163,000 times. The song claims Obama helps terrorists, and shows a picture of Obama dressed like Osama bin Laden, with white turban and grey-streaked beard. Al Masry also calls him a traitor, “like the Brotherhood members.”

How is such scandalous and sexual mimicry possible in the increasingly Islamist Egypt? Egyptian columnist Mahmoud Salem claims that there is a “tacit social contract in Egyptian society, according to which belly dancers are untouchable. No matter what they do, no matter how outrageous their behavior is according to Islamist values, they are totally accepted by the general population.”

Whether belly dancers are a protected class in Egypt or not, there are no reports of her arrest or of any harm towards the dancing political satirist. But the vicious invective directed at President Obama and Ambassador Patterson cannot be the kind of response this administration was hoping for from one of the largest Muslim countries in the Middle East.

One of Obama’s “strong points” coming into office was supposed to be that unlike that “cowboy” Bush, he’d make the whole world love us.

How’s that working out? Not so great, just like almost everything else Obama has been involved with.

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