Obama Ready To Build Presidential Library, Will Only Hire Contractors Who Use Diverse Employees

Obama Ready To Build Presidential Library, Will Only Hire Contractors Who Use Diverse Employees

Normally when a person is asking for bids for a contract, he wants the best person for the job. He wants the person who will bring the greatest quality for the lowest cost. Simple enough. But, of course, the former divider-in-chief, has to have it his own twisted way.

The Obama Foundation is requiring the contractors to subcontract with “diverse suppliers” and would have to meet a minimum of 50% of diversity. This doesn’t only include the normal definition of firms from women and minority-owned firms, it also includes veteran-, disabled- or LGBTQ-owned firms.

Because the definition of “inclusive hiring” is widened, the foundation is asking that at least 35 percent of contracts need to go to minority-owned firms.

I guess it’s not all bad. I still have my white privilege! This will lessen it by exactly 35% because privilege is something we can measure with privilege meters. Do you have white skin? Congratulations, your life is automatically easy. I mean, you can buy band-aids with your skin color and minorities can’t. What a life.

Does white privilege include having a military veteran’s charity pushed out of Chicago to make way for the Obama Library? Or does it include using $100 million of taxpayer money to build your “legacy project?”

Wait, wait, I’m starting to see it now. If I was the president, my library wouldn’t have all these objections and people wouldn’t be so wary of spending $70 million per year of taxpayer money to upkeep the library. I’m white, so my library corruption and legacy project would be totally cool with everyone. I feel like I’m beginning to understand the white privilege game. Here’s the thing. No one cares about the color of your skin anymore except for racists. I’m not a racist, I don’t care what your skin color is. Simple right?

If these minority-based firms were already good enough to win the bids outright, then there wouldn’t be this need to have diversity based hires. I guess I’m giving too much credit to the former president. He’s not exactly a capitalist and has a tenuous grasp on basic economics. So, I guess this makes sense in that context. Spending more money on an inferior product is a surefire way to waste taxpayer money. $500 million is the estimate, but knowing how government works and how their estimates turn out to be complete crap, I wouldn’t be surprised if this library ending up costing billions of dollars. All so people can go look at Obama’s records and papers? Give me a break, only the worst sycophants will want to have anything do to with this behemoth of a project. I agree with these guys.

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