Obama Regime Attacks Transportation Sector With New Fuel Efficiency Mandates

It only appears that Obama is doing nothing about the economic crisis. Even as he plays golf and raises reelection funds, his army of bureauweenies is busily working away — to continue making the crisis worse:

The White House on Tuesday will unveil the first-ever federal fuel efficiency standards for a range of heavy-duty trucks, a move the administration is casting as a key part of its plan to cut foreign oil imports and slash harmful air pollution.

The planned announcement [delayed for now] comes amid growing economic uncertainty and increasing jitters on Wall Street. The Obama administration is expected to argue that the standards will result in major benefits to the ailing economy.

Bwahaha! At least they’re keeping their sense of humor. If compelling upgrades that will cost up to $2,200 per truck without producing any wealth will help the economy Obama has crippled with his spending and regulations, why not also mandate a coating of gold leaf for all vehicles? That ought to lift us right back to prosperity.

Fuel efficiency standards are a tourniquet Obama and other leftists devoted to destroying the economy have been steadily tightening around the necks of the automotive industry and anyone who uses its products. The numbers they come up with are pulled out of the air, with no attempt to be reasonable.

Late last month, Obama announced a plan to set an average standard of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 for cars and light-duty trucks. The standard builds on rules finalized last year for model-year 2012-2016 cars and light-duty trucks.

Try to imagine a “truck” that gets 54.5 miles per gallon. It will cost more than a Volt, look like golf cart, and endanger the lives of those foolish enough to take it out on the road.

Yet we’re asked to believe these authoritarian decrees will help the economy by allowing us to spend less on foreign oil, even as Obama keeps his boot firmly on the neck of domestic oil production.

Low gas mileage is not the problem. Our government is. We had better find a solution fast, or we will continue following the Soviet Union into oblivion.

Obamunist conception of a truck.

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