Obama Says Nothing About Three American Citizens Killed By Muslim Terrorists In Israel

Obama Says Nothing About Three American Citizens Killed By Muslim Terrorists In Israel

Three Americans killed by Muslim terrorists in Israel, but Obama sent three officials to criminal Freddy Gray’s funeral.

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When Jews are killed in Israel, they have it coming, since Israel is part of a “cycle of violence” according to the Obama administration. The story is slightly different in Europe, where Jews are accorded “random” status according to the Obama administration. When the Charlie Hebdo offices were attacked by Muslim terrorists last year, the Obama administration rightly took umbrage at the targeting of Westerners over their exercise of free speech. When those same terrorists attacked a Jewish deli just hours later, Obama labeled the attacks “random.” When Muslim terrorists murdered 129 people in Paris last Friday, Obama called it an attack on humanity’s core values. When Muslims stabbed a Jewish teacher in Marseilles days later, that merited no comment. After all, why should the Obama administration comment on the vast wave of anti-Jewish Muslim crime in Europe? It certainly doesn’t spring from religious discrimination. Only Christians and Jews are capable of religious discrimination.

Everyday people wonder why Obama’s agenda has him hating America so much. Why send officials to the funeral of a known criminal, but not support hard working Americans killed in terror attacks? What was the point of supporting Freddy Gray? The guy was a career criminal.

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Do Obama and Freddy Gray have more in common? Are they both career criminals?

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