Obama Takes a Swipe at “Southern Whites” and FOX hits back [VIDEO]

Obama Takes a Swipe at “Southern Whites” and FOX hits back [VIDEO]

This is just preposterous coming from a sitting President. Obama in now hitting the trail and blabbing to the media, claiming that there is a difference between whites who live in the Northeast and those living in the South. What he is alluding to is that whites up North are more educated and Progressive and therefore not so racist. He is basically labeling the ones in the South as bigots, racists, uneducated and clinging to their Bibles and guns. It’s just disgusting and a monstrous lie. Obama is unpopular because he himself is a racist. He’s also a Marxist and for eight years, he has worked very hard at destroying this country. This has nothing to do with Birthers and everything to do with Obama and his failed policies.

What’s more, I think Laura Ingraham is right here. Obama never evolved past campus activism. He never left the campus or organizing. He’s the same racist Marxist radical he was in his college days, only in a better suit. Obama is totally predictable. If it hurts America, he does it. You can count on it. His ideas are a retread of the 60’s only with more communism added, if that is possible. And now we see the results of that. It is why Donald Trump was just elected President.


From Mediaite:

Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity tonight went off on President Obama for his comments on a CNN special last night about racist reactions to his presidency.

The president said that there “absolutely” were people whose primary concern about him is that he seemed “foreign.” He also took note of how the reaction to him among Northern whites was different than that of Southern whites.

Ingraham called that preposterous and suggested that this is a “different type of racism.”

She told Hannity that this is partly about his legacy and partly about how “he never left the campus.”

Ingraham said that for everyone complaining about how Trump won’t “evolve,” she said one could argue “Obama never evolved beyond the campus activist setting.”

Obama can’t defend himself on the economy or jobs because he has decimated them. He knows that Trump is already beginning to undo some of his damage, so in an effort to defend his atrocious track record, he is pulling the race card. It’s all he has left and it’s just pathetic. Instead of taking responsibility for being an utter failure and the worst President in US history, he resorts to blaming whites and racism. That has never been an issue and he knows it. Just one more lie on top of a mountain of lies.

Obama’s stance here is extremely insulting. He won’t be remembered for his race… he’ll be remembered because he sucked. But he can take comfort in one thing… he was the very best at being the very worst.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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