WHAT!? Obama Tells Americans ‘ISLAM Was Always A Part Of America’ – HUGE MISTAKE!

WHAT!? Obama Tells Americans ‘ISLAM Was Always A Part Of America’ – HUGE MISTAKE!

If Obama isn’t a Muslim, he might as well be. Hours before Trump got the nod, he was out there saying how Muslims contributed to America and are interwoven into our culture. Bull crap. You know, I didn’t even know what a Muslim was until the ’80s. Muslims had a part in the Barbary Pirates who attacked America viciously. They were part of the slave trade. They killed our military and extorted our country. Obama keeps harping on how awful it is to ban Muslims, per Donald Trump. I don’t like Donald Trump, but he has a point that Muslims from terrorist countries should have to be vetted before they come into this country. Obama is just bringing them in along with terrorists as fast as he can. I mean… it’s worked so well for Germany, Sweden and Britain after all.


From Young Conservatives:

President Obama has continually asserted that Muslims have made significant contributions to building the United States and that Islam was “woven into the fabric” of our nation.

Obama needs a history lesson. It would be accurate to say radical Muslims have been our enemies since the beginning of the republic.

Muslims did have an influence on early America, they were a major part of the Slave Trade. Throughout Islam’s centuries of history, an estimated 180 million were enslaved. African slaves brought to America were purchased at Muslim slave markets.

Our founding fathers were at war with Islamic extremists, who provided both the need for the US Marines Corps, and our first lesson in battling extremism: after winning independence from England, American vessels no longer enjoyed British protection and were consequently raided and plundered by radical Islamic pirates.

Here’s John Quincy Adams, our sixth President’s, thoughts about “the religion of peace”:

““The natural hatred of the Mussulmen towards the infidels is in just accordance with the precepts of the Koran. [..]”

An alarming number of Muslims agree that violence is a legitimate response to those who insult Islam. According to a recent Center for Security Policy poll, a full majority of 51% of American Muslims believe that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”

“Discriminating against Muslim Americans is also an affront to the very values that already make our nation great,” Obama said during the White House’s annual Eid al-Fitr reception, celebrating of the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. “Singling out Muslim-Americans,” he said, “feeds the lie of terrorists like ISIL that the West is somehow at war with a religion that includes over a billion adherents. That’s not smart national security.” What isn’t smart national security is Obama’s support of Islamists and ISIS. He’s such a hypocrite. But then again, Muslims feel it is okay to lie to infidels. And he excels at it. Obama will never connect terrorism to Islam and that is a huge, fatal mistake. Just as he intends it to be.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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