Obama To Meet With UCC Shooting Families – Still No Contact With Kate Steinle’s Family

As Mr. Obama is preparing for more executive action on guns, which will surely only affect the law abiding citizens, rather than the criminals who use guns (hey, how are things in your hometown of Chicago, PBO?), he’s going to use the families of those killed by Christopher Harper-Mercer as political props

(Breitbart) President Barack Obama will travel to Oregon this week to visit privately with families of the victims of last week’s shooting at a community college.

Obama will visit Roseburg on Friday as he opens a four-day trip to the West Coast. No additional details about his visit were immediately available.

First of all, we will see how serious Obama is about this by the number of fundraisers he attends, which are surely the primary reason for this West coast swing. Rarely is a big trip like this a last minute thing. He’s simply adding the visits in serendipitously.

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Second, for all his bluster, he never called or visited the family of Kate Steinle, murdered with a gun by an 5 time deported illegal alien, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who was also convicted previously of 7 felonies. Interestingly, the gun used was stolen from a federal agent’s car, not purchased at a “gun show” using the “loophope”.

Nor has Obama ever visited with the families of others killed by illegal aliens. Nor the families of the doctors killed by a US airstrike in Afghanistan by military members under the control of…wait for it…the Obama administration.

Obama has renewed his call for stricter gun laws following the shooting and has expressed exasperation at the frequency of mass shootings in the U.S.

It’s interesting how most of these have happened while he was president. Say, where were all the visits and comments on all the people, including US federal agents and Mexican children, killed by the guns members of his administration “walked” into Mexico?

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