Obama wants to make Islam a race, forgets that’s not how it works [VIDEO]

Obama wants to make Islam a race, forgets that’s not how it works [VIDEO]

President Obama, who is probably a Muslim, wants to make Islam a race.

Except, that’s not how it works.

Islam is a religion and people have a choice to partake in a religion. They can do it or not do it. You can be Muslim now and Christian tomorrow. You can have your own little crusade and be whatever religion you wish. You can change your religion every five minutes if you really want to. That’s because religion is a choice and not something you’re born with or something you must abide by.

Your race, however, is not something you can change. You are what you are. If you’re born black, then you’re black forever. If you’re born Asian, then you’re Asian forever. There’s nothing that you can do to literally change your race. It’s kinda like how you can’t change your gender. Even if you get a sex change, you’re still not scientifically the other gender/sex. For example, if you’re a man who converts to a woman and has the penis chopped off – you’re still technically a man. You just have no private part. It’s not like you grew a uterus and can pop out a few babies. You’re still a man, but you LOOK and ACT like a woman who probably has really big hands and an apple protruding from your neck.

But of course, Obama in his own little world wants to do something stupid again and try to make Islam a race. Why? So people can be born as terrorists? Low blow, I know. But unfortunately that religion has caught a bad reputation for breeding so many uncivilized and violent people. For every Catholic priest who gets caught molesting children, there’s at least 10 Muslim’s beating a woman or blowing something up. Let’s be glad Barry isn’t trying to make every religion a race and more kids aren’t born as little Sharia babies.

Can you imagine a Sharia baby daycare, with all the kids drinking out of bottles that look like TNT?

I don’t want to wake up as anything but myself and I’m pretty sure that I have no religion anymore.

Frank Lea

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