Obama’s Final Act: Punish Suburbs for being too White and too Wealthy

Obama’s Final Act: Punish Suburbs for being too White and too Wealthy

Obama has nothing left to lose or fear so he’s going all out to punish wealthy suburbs for being too well off and too white. He will terraform our neighborhoods by force in the name of diversity and equality. Hillary’s rumored running mate, Housing Secretary Julian Castro, is cooking up a scheme to reallocate funding for Section 8 housing. It’s a communistic move that is breathtakingly unconstitutional. At the heart of the plan are vouchers to help poor minorities move into wealthy neighborhoods. Housing is also being bought up by the government to put in the hands of these same impoverished minorities. It is the ghettofication of America and it is right on schedule.

Barack Obama

From The Federalist Papers Project:

As one final act of social engineering, Barack Obama is determined to make sure that America’s suburbs are poorer andbrowner.

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Housing Secretary Julian Castro (also one of Hillary’s top VP choices) is developing a plan – at his boss’s behest – that would provide massive vouchers to help the urban poor move into suburbs that they determine are “too white” and “too wealthy.”

It’s an overhaul of the Section 8 program and they plan to unveil it this fall, the New York Post is reporting. Amazingly, a pilot test of the program in Dallas resulted in increased crime in those same suburban neighborhoods.

This will result in a massive spread of crime on an epic scale. In preparation for the big announcement, Castro has been shutting down resistance. Last month, he issued a decree threatening to sue landlords who “discriminate” against convicted felons by denying them occupancy. Last year, his program “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” began pressuring suburban counties to change local zoning laws to permit low-income housing that accepts Section 8 vouchers. Clinton tried this same thing in 1994 and it failed miserably. The difference this time is enforcement. It’s all part of a grand scheme to forcibly desegregate inner cities and integrate the outer suburbs. This is a big policy shift that will have broad implications, affecting everything from crime to property values; and it could even impact the presidential election, especially if Castro joins Hillary on the Democratic ticket. Hunker down folks – it’s going to get ugly and fast.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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