Obama’s nastiness comes to the fore

by Bookworm | April 21, 2011 11:08 am

I’m sure you’ve all seen the interview Obama had with the Texas reporter. Obama was asked mildly hard questions, got defensive and, when he thought he was off mike, chastised the reporting for daring to do anything but grovel before him. Daniel Henninger, in today’s Wall Street Journal, looks as this episode and a few others and concludes that the charming pre-election Obama is gone[1], with a new Obama having taken his place. I agree completely with Henninger that there is nothing charming about President Obama. Where I differ is in my belief that there was nothing charming about Candidate Obama either.

Obama’s nasty side was always in full view but, as in The Emperor’s New Clothes, people consciously closed their eyes to it. I don’t know that I’ve heard a nastier put-down in politics than the one Obama dealt Hillary when she was asked about her likeability factor. After she gave a rather charming response to the effect that “I think I’m likeable,” Obama turned to her, and in a remarkable display of sneering condescension says “You’re likeable enough.” Ouch.

These sneering putdowns continued throughout the election run up, with the memorable ones being his “lip stick on pigs” remark; his cheap pop-psychology about embittered, gun-loving Americans; and his one fingered head “scratches” when speaking of or to his opponents. After the election, in his first meeting with Republicans, he refused to debate issues: “I won.”

He is now and always has been a singularly cruel, dismissive, condescending man. What’s happening now is that the cumulative weight of his nastiness, coupled with most people’s inability to maintain cognitive dissonance for too long, is highlighting the obvious: that Obama is unclothed when it comes to human decency.

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