Obama’s Most Recent Power Trip Has Him Taking Action That Puts Americans In MORE Danger

Obama’s Most Recent Power Trip Has Him Taking Action That Puts Americans In MORE Danger

Obama has now commuted the sentences of more federal prisoners than all presidents in the post-war era combines. It’s unprecedented and totally irresponsible. He’s released 944 prisoners – 324 were serving life sentences. These inmates were convicted of non-violent drug offenses. Some were also convicted on weapons charges. Obama released 98 prisoners Thursday and 72 yesterday. It’s the same kind of thing he’s doing with Gitmo… except these criminals are being freed to go back on our streets.

Many of these prisoners will go back to dealing drugs… so, if Obama is so inclined, he has endless suppliers ready and waiting when he leaves office. I’m only kidding a little bit on that one. These people will surely go back to their old ways and graduate to violent crimes, including murder. More blood on Obama’s hands, not that he cares in the least. He loves the chaos and lives for the unrest.


From BizPac Review:

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President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of another 72 federal inmates Friday, bringing his commutation total to nearly 1,000.

With today’s grants, the president has granted 944 commutations, 324 of which were for convicts serving life sentences. Obama has commuted more federal prisoners than all presidents in the post-war era combined. Though all of the prisoners were convicted of nonviolent drug offenses, a number were also convicted of nonviolent weapons charges.

“What President Obama has done for commutations is unprecedented in the modern era,” said White House Counsel Neil Eggleston. “The President is committed to reinvigorating the clemency authority, demonstrating that our nation is a nation of second chances, where mistakes from the past will not deprive deserving individuals of the opportunity to rejoin society and contribute to their families and communities.”

Today’s announcement is the second in two weeks. Obama granted another 98 commutations last Thursday.

Obama is now pushing a criminal justice reform bill so that even more criminals will be given a pass or set free from our prisons. But Congress seems to have little appetite for such a reform and we can be thankful on that point. I believe in second chances, but these people (all of them) have committed multiple crimes. That is what landed them in prison in the first place.

Obama seems to be getting more and more testy as his days play out in the White House. He doesn’t feel for the criminals he’s releasing… it is part of his agenda and his legacy. They are pawns in a twisted, Marxist game of chess. The losers are the American people who will fall victim to these thugs. Welcome to Obama’s ‘changed’ America.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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