Obama’s Statement On Castro’s Death Reads Like A Eulogy…Leaving Out The MASS Atrocities

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 26, 2016 5:08 pm

Spoken like a true Marxist.[1] Obama came out and made a statement today on the passing of Fidel Castro. Instead of addressing the fact that he was a commie butcher, who tortured and murdered tens of thousands of Cubans, he waxed wistfully poetic over the death of a brutal dictator. He seems to have forgotten that after he restored relations with Cuba and gave Fidel everything he wanted, Castro still ripped Obama and had no respect for him. Can’t say I blame him there. But I am pleased he’s finally dead. One less vicious communist the world has to deal with.

Obama’s statement was very strange. He reached out a so-called conciliatory hand to the Castro family in their time of grief. What about all the families that lost loved ones to that monster? What about the religious persecutions, the camps, the starvation, the overriding poverty and the brutality of enforced communism? Obama’s statement was basically a eulogy that whitewashed the atrocities of a mass murderer. Those powerful emotions that Obama refers to are joy and dancing in the freaking streets because Fidel is dead and on his way to a richly earned spot in Hell.


From Young Conservatives:

Barack Obama has weighed in on the death of former communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

His message was nowhere near as strong as President-elect Donald Trump’s, which you can see here[3].

Obama’s statement was mainly about his super-impressive achievement of making Cuba and the U.S. friends after 60 years as foes.

In other words, Obama vaguely describes the horrors Cubans dealt with under Castro and applauds himself.

He continues to whitewash history.

Were you expecting different?

As Cuba embarks on nine days of national mourning for Fidel Castro, dissidents and exiles around the world labelled him a revolutionary dictator whose “crimes against his own people” must not be forgotten. Leftists claim he was a defender of the poor and brought free education and healthcare to the masses. Gee… sounds a lot like Obama. What it brought was poverty to everyone and unending misery and fear. People forget that Castro locked up dissidents and tortured them. He destroyed a once-prosperous nation economically as well. He had a great deal in common with Obama after all.

Of course, Obama took Castro’s death and made it all about himself. How he restored relations with the communist regime. That’s a mistake that President-elect Trump has vowed to reverse thank goodness. Castro was an evil tyrant whose corruption was legendary. People didn’t flee Cuba, risking everything including their lives, just because they didn’t like an election there. They did it because their lives depended on escaping the communist clutches of a dictator.

But Americans, including Obama, just don’t get it. Celebrities are in grief over Castro. The LA Times called him a ‘charismatic icon’. They have romanticized a communist strong man – most of them are communists themselves after all. Castro was also a KGB agent of influence with deep ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin. The totalitarian regime is still in place in Cuba… it’s a family affair there. But at least we are rid of Fidel Castro. You can bet Obama will attend his funeral. Funny how he can go to a commie dictator’s funeral, but not Chris Kyle’s or those of police officers.

One last glimpse at Castro for posterity’s sake[4]:

Estimates of executions under Castro’s 50-year rule run into the thousands, with monitors warning of unfair trials, arbitrary imprisonment and extrajudicial executions.

Castro responded by insisting that “revolutionary justice is not based on legal precepts, but on moral conviction”.

As the one-party system came into force, independent newspapers were closed and homosexuals, priests and others viewed as a threat were herded into labour camps for “re-education”.

Censorship and repression spread, with fans of American rock ‘n’ roll among those targeted. Freedom of expression, religion, association, assembly, movement and the press were denied.

In 1964, Castro acknowledged holding 15,000 political prisoners. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans fled, including Castro’s daughter Alina Fernandez Revuelta and his younger sister Juana. An unknown number of Cubans drowned attempting to reach Florida in flimsy boats.


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