OUCH! Jon Karl EMBARRASSES Josh Earnest Over CLEAR Russian Hack Hypocrisy… [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | January 8, 2017 3:15 am

The Obama Administration along with it’s supporters all over the unbalanced (both logically and chemically) left have all of the sudden decided to take Russia seriously. I mean, as seriously as a 2012 Republican Presidential candidate who called Russia out as a big threat…then was mocked by a certain Democratic President…anyways, better late than never, I guess.

In the final weeks of his presidency, Barry Obama has been attempting to rip his shirt from his under-toned lanky body in a pissing contest against Putin and the rest of his comrades. Strength through…sanctions, I guess. But in his unrelenting push against Vlad, Obama has stepped further into hypocrite territory[1]…and he’s very familiar with the layout.

Hypocrisy for which Press Secretary Josh Earnest was called up front and center to ‘handle’.

So, what truly happened just now can be re-iterated in just two exchanges. Here’s a re-scripted version from Crowder to you:

KARL: “Josh, isn’t the president doing all of this public expelling of Russian diplomats as a way to signal to the left that he actually believes, for seriously, that Putin hacked the election, ergo Hillary should’ve won?”

EARNEST: “Yes, Karl, that’s exactly why we only treated the Russian ‘hacking’ seriously, but not actual hacking from the Chinese a few years back. Duh, how stupid do you have to be to ask?”

Josh Earnest[2]

Of course, Earnest just couldn’t handle the hypocrisy of the exposure, because if Russian hacking was an actual threat to the United States and if the Obama administration really cared about bringing justice to those people who hacked Americans, then why didn’t Obama treat the Chinese with a bit more seriousness when they hacked us a few years back?

But no. Instead, for a last ditch ‘legacy’ effort, Obama must communicate to his far fringe lackeys that yes, Putin wholly usurped Hillary’s presidency and put in The Donald instead. Which means that it’s totally fine to disrespect and continue to protest the new incoming President.

Please Obama…JUST. GO. AWAY.

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