Outrage! People Furious, Obama’s Smirking, One Man Takes A Stand! [AUDIO]

Outrage! People Furious, Obama’s Smirking, One Man Takes A Stand! [AUDIO]

Mark Levin nails it here. We are coming up against the biggest threats that the US has ever faced… a new Axis of Evil: China, Russia and Iran… and yet, what does Ash Carter focus on? Allowing transgenders in the US military. This is more of Obama’s social engineering on our warriors. They have systematically weakened our military, decimated the moral of our fighting forces and made us a laughing stock on the global fighting stage. This is pathetic and insane. Our officers must be furious. Now our soldiers will be forced to salute cross-dressing, weak morons instead of fighting Islamists and communists. We are doomed.

Ash Carter

From Conservative Review:

“Here we are,” said Mark Levin on his radio program Thursday night. “The Chinese are on the move … the Russians are on the move with their fascist Putin. The Islamo-Nazis in Tehran are building ICBMs and working on their nuclear program. And we have all kinds of slime balls and genocidal maniacs roaming planet earth looking for people to murder in cold blood.”

“And Ash Carter,” he continued. “Is obsessed with transgendering Americans.”

In case you missed it, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Thursday that transgender people could now serve openly in the U.S. military. Levin called the move “perverse” with all the things going on in the world, that the secretary of defense is moving at breakneck speed to push a social agenda in the armed forces.

Exactly where is Congress on all this? Levin is right… Ash Carter is a lying lowlife. Now we will have the once strongest military on the face of the earth peppered with Corporal Klingers. Our enemies are at the gate and we are picking out heels and fashion for the troops, while discussing their genitalia. It’s worse than the fall of Rome… it’s far more embarrassing and depraved. Holy moly… Ash Carton is a totally blubbering buffoon. Obama must be “laughing,” Levin concludes as he uses the military, Homeland Security, etc. as his social engineering legacy maneuvers. Indeed, I’m sure he is as he further guts our military and their weapons… it’s exactly what our enemies want. Obama is playing with us and laying us wide open before multiple enemies. Last time I looked, that was called treason.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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