Police Union Leader OBLITERATES Obama for Bashing Cops

Police Union Leader OBLITERATES Obama for Bashing Cops

The last place you would expect to find even a nugget of common sense is in a union, but police unions appear to be the exception. Police union leader Chuck Canterbury laid into Obama for what has clearly been a campaign of anti-cop vitriol.

Oh, and it’s pretty fantastic.

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From Conservative Base:

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The nation’s largest police union is currently launching a campaign called “Our True Heroes.” The campaign will feature a website especially suitable for journalists to read positive stories of police officers instead of the hostile press releases of politicians seeking reelection on the backs of police and military professionals.

During National Law Enforcement Week — May 15-21, 2016 — National Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury had some choice words for President Barack Obama on what it means to be a police officer. During his administration, Obama and his minions were accused repeatedly of taking cheap shots against cops that may have increased the number of officers killed or wounded.

Canterbury told  Daily Caller that police officers’s trust of politicians and their own management are at its lowest level in decades. He echoed the fears of law enforcement officers of all ranks: that they’ll become a scapegoat if something goes awry.

For example, the five-time reelected FOP chief said Obama blames police officers and emphasizes de-escalation due to a lack of understanding of what it’s like to be a cop.

“All we’re hearing from the Obama administration is de-escalate,” Canterbury told The Daily Caller.  “That’s coming from somebody who has never been on the ground getting the crap beat out of them.”

For years, the Left — including Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and others — has smeared law enforcement officers as racists by claiming that black and other minority crime suspects are more likely to be shot by police. To hear them tell it, police cruise around looking for minority kids to gun down for sport, according to a well-known black sheriff who has been angry with the treatment of law enforcement by the likes of leftist.

Do you agree with Canterbury? I have to say, I don’t agree with a lot of what union leaders have to say, but this one really got me.

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