Precious Snowflakes Sue Obama Administration Over “Climate Change”

by William Teach | August 13, 2015 8:19 am

This is a funny case of “hoist on your petard”. Obama has been whining about “climate change” for his entire time in office, and even before. He’s even thrown a few bones the way of the Cult of Climastrology. This goes for John Kerry, as well. Yet…

Youth Sue Obama Administration For Allowing Climate Change, Violating Constitutional Rights[1]
“We have a moral obligation to leave a healthy planet for future generations.”

Twenty-one young people from around the country filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration on Tuesday accusing the federal government of violating their rights by contributing to climate change through the promotion of fossil fuels.

The plaintiffs, who range in age from 8 to 19, filed their complaint in U.S. District Court in Oregon. The complaint lists numerous defendants, including President Barack Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, the Department of Energy, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Defense and the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Defendants have for decades ignored their own plans for stopping the dangerous destabilization of our nation’s climate system,” the plaintiffs said in their complaint, which was filed with the help of the Oregon-based nonprofit Our Children’s Trust. “Defendants have known of the unusually dangerous risk of harm to human life, liberty, and property that would be caused by continued fossil fuel use and increase [carbon dioxide] emissions.”

And what is the point of all this?

But in the eyes of Olson and the plaintiffs, that’s not enough. They are asking for a court order[2] to force Obama to immediately implement a national plan to decrease atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to 350 parts per million — a level many scientists agree is the highest safe concentration permissible — by the end of this century. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has already hit 400 parts per million.

They are very, very upset over the use of fossil fuels. Very upset

(Julia) Olson, a public interest attorney, has been working closely with plaintiff Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 15, since 2011. It was Martinez who originally asked Olson to prepare the case against the United States government.

Martinez, who serves as the youth director for Earth Guardians[3], spoke before the United Nations[4] General Assembly in June and demanded world leaders take action against climate change. It was his third time addressing the United Nations.

It’s a long way from Boulder, Colorado to New York City. Did Martinez walk or ride a bike? Most likely, we can say with 97% confidence that he took fossil fueled flights. Which would violate his own Constitutional rights according to the lawsuit!

It will be amusing seeing Obama, Kerry, et all defend themselves against this suit.

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