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President Obama must Visit Cuba

By: Derek Varsalona

This week, was a historic week for President Obama and the United States as he opened relations with Cuba. But now is the time for President Obama to put the money where is mouth is and strongly support Cuba as an alley. The United States has fought the Cold War for 44 years (from1947-1999), while Cuba has been fighting the Cold War for 67 years (from 1947-2014).

Although President Obama is opening relations said in his year end press conference that he does not have any intention of visiting the island and this is wrong. We will now have an official embassy in Havana in the near future. Therefore President Obama should be a true leader and visit Cuba instead of leading from behind like he normally does. The man truly should put his money where is mouth is and support Cuba with a visit in the not so distant future. It is great that we have lifted sanctions, will have an embassy and establish free trade with the island nation. But a visit form the President of the United States, would bring much needed tourism dollars while President Obama is in Cuba and for years prior to the visit. Just think landmarks in Cuba could be President Obama eat here, President Obama came to this beach, a hotel could claim President Obama slept here (if he and his family chose not to stay at the US Embassy) etc. Without a presidential visit much tourism dollars are lost for many years.

The real question President Obama needs to ask himself is: Do I really want Cuba to become a modern nation? Actions always speak louder the words. If President Obama truly wants to bring Cuba into the modern era he should respect the nation with a visit and must stand by his actions of opening relations with Cuba.

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President Obama should vacation in Cuba if he is a true leader. Image source:

Derek Varsalona

I have a mild Case of Cerebral Palsy and am very politically active

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