Rush Exposes What Obama Did Every Day During His Presidency – Breaks New Record

Rush Exposes What Obama Did Every Day During His Presidency – Breaks New Record

Obama was supposed to be the great bringer of peace. Not so much. A mere two months after being elected, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, he earned something alright… just not a ‘peace prize’. According to Rush Limbaugh, Obama was at war every single day of his presidency. Not only that, but he became the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb two other peace prize winners as well. Quite an accomplishment for the ‘light bringer’.

Obama came into office with the ambitious promise of ending all wars we were involved in. Again, not so much. He has now earned the dubious distinction of being at war longer than any other American president. When Obama was awarded the Nobel distinction, he hadn’t had time to do anything yet. He was awarded the prize in expectation he would do what he promised. That was dumb in itself and has rendered the prize pretty much pointless.


From Western Journalism:

Rush Limbaugh pointed out the hypocrisy of President Barack Obama being widely revered as a “peaceful” president, despite being the U.S. president who has been at war the longest.

The conservative talk-show host recalled Thursday that Obama won the Nobel Peace prize merely two months after he began his presidency in 2009.

“Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, what, in March of his first term? He’d been immaculate for two months, they give him the Nobel Peace Prize,” Limbaugh said. “They gave it to him on the come. They thought, ‘Oh, my God, this is great. We got a guy here, we got the Prince of Peace right here in the White House in the United States of America.’ Well, there’s some stats.”

Limbaugh then revealed the cold hard facts for Obama supporters.

“Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama will leave office as the first —  are you ready for this? — the first two-term president in all of American history to have been at war every day of his presidency,” Limbaugh quipped.  “It just doesn’t get any better than this stuff that’s happening.”

Rush Limbaugh nails it: “Here’s the Peace Prize winner, the Nobel Prince of Peace candidate gets it only two months in on the come. They thought Obama was gonna unite the world and bring peace everywhere and love and all this stuff, community organizing around the world,” he said. “He was gonna bring newfound peace, great relations, and, instead, he ends up the first two-term president in history to have been at war — wait a minute, it gets even better — to have been at war every day.”

The Defense Department has an analysis conducted by the Council on Foreign Relations that states upon Obama’s departure from the White House, he will have dropped 26,171 bombs on foreign countries last year alone. 3,027 more than in 2015. A majority of the bombs were dropped in Iraq (12,192) and Syria (12,095).

Obama also laughingly had Defense Secretary Ash Carter award him the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service. That’s a classic move that dictators arrange for themselves in third world countries. Sarah Palin is right… this is what happens when you grow up thinking every kid gets a trophy.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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