Rush Limbaugh: Who committed greater fraud, ‘Bernie Madoff or Barack Obama?’

by Cheryl Carpenter Klimek | November 13, 2013 5:52 am

Conservative: talk radio host Rush Limbaugh: said Obama defrauded the entire country by telling the American people they could keep their favored health plans.

Rush Limbaugh[1]

The disastrous: rollout: has gone exactly as planned, Limbaugh said on his show Monday, adding that people need to lose the policies they like in order for the Obamacare exchanges to be successful. He called Obama’s lies an impeachable offense.

“I’m sure that they would love it if you would happily give up your current policy, if you’d happily pay higher costs so that other people can be insured,” Limbaugh said. “I’m sure they’d like that, don’t misunderstand. But the chaos, the confusion, the fact that you’ve got nowhere to go other than the exchange now, that’s exactly as designed. They don’t want an option where you keep your plan available to you. This is why the nature of Obama’s lie is so profound and huge and personal and impeachable, if you ask me. This lie, that you can keep your plan if you like it and keep your doctor, folks, that’s fraud.”

Limbaugh explained that when you sign up, you can’t take back personal data you plug into the system.

“It’s gone,” he said. “The government has it. You can’t get it back.:  The next thing is, you have to keep drilling down and drilling down and drilling down before you find out what this costs.:  Every other website that you visit, the price of what you’re gonna buy is on the first page you visit.:  That’s the first thing they tell you is what it costs, because in most cases, that’s the selling point.:  With Obamacare, it’s hidden.”

Limbaugh’s brother sent him a tweet that he said got him thinking about how big Obama’s fraudulent scheme was:

David Limbaugh tweet

“It is arguable now who committed the greater fraud,: Bernie Madoff: or Barack Obama,” Limbaugh said. “Madoff defrauded a few.:  This is defrauding the entire country.:  The president of the United States lied to the entire country on the most important thing to people, their health care and their current plan.”

Listen to Limbaugh’s entire explanation here via: The Daily Caller:

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