SCANDAL! Obama Paid BIG Money To Law Firm Who SECRETLY Paid Fusion GPS

SCANDAL! Obama Paid BIG Money To Law Firm Who SECRETLY Paid Fusion GPS

In Spring of 2016, then-President Obama’s official campaign organization started the processing of diverting almost a million dollars to a law firm that has now been found to have further diverted money to Fusion GPS, the linchpin behind the current Russian allegations.

Fusion GPS was founded in 2011 and paid for the Steele Dossier, compiled by the British spy Christopher Steele. Steele was hired to dig up allegations and bogus stories about Donald Trump before he won the Presidency. Ah, that was such a nice night. I fell asleep when Ohio was counted, but I still can’t lose my smile. Anyway, we now know that the Dossier was funded by both Republicans who hated Trump, as well as Democrats who can at least be understood for hating Trump.

The law firm in question is Perkins Coie, which according to filings with the Federal Election Commission has been paid just over $972,000 from the Obama for America campaign. The fact that there is a campaign organization for a sitting President in his second term should be strange enough, but now the evidence keeps piling that it was just a way to pay for anti-Trump material in a struggle to get that old hag into the Oval Office.

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So far, none of the allegations of collusion in the Dossier have been independently verified.

You remember the Steele Dossier when it was known as the Russian Dossier, don’t you? It was the one that had a hilarious story that launched PissGate. The Internet couldn’t hold its laughter any more and it was revealed that the PissGate story had been written weeks ago by anonymous online users who then fed it to GOP strategist and general sponge Rick Wilson before it mysteriously ended up in the Russian Dossier, with CNN and Buzzfeed taking it completely seriously.

In other words, it was a prank, bro, and the Democrats and some rogue Republicans had basically been paying for fan fiction. And now it’s all biting them right in the rear end, showing that Obama’s people were actively (and very sneakily) trying to pay for the “independent research” that would bring down Trump. Didn’t work, did it?

Yesterday, we wrote that CNN had connections to Fusion GPS. Justice correspondent Evan Perez hyped up the “Russian dossier” on CNN and relied on anonymous sources during his reporting. Perez once worked with the two co-founders of Fusion and has been photographed socially with them in the years since they all worked together in 2011.

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