SHAMEFUL! Obama Attends Formal Israeli President’s Funeral – Makes It All About Himself…

SHAMEFUL! Obama Attends Formal Israeli President’s Funeral – Makes It All About Himself…

Obama attended the funeral of Shimon Peres this week. And of course he wasted no time making it all about himself. It’s just shameful. How dare Obama compare himself to someone like Peres… they aren’t even the same league. Not even close. The funeral was to pay respect to one of the founders of Israel… not for Obama to inject himself into the limelight. I am so ashamed of our president and his actions over the last eight years. It’s mortifying.

Dignitaries from all over the world attended his funeral to pay respects. Each showed deep respect and sadness at Peres’ passing. But not Obama. Although he gave what he thought was a complimentary send-off, instead what he did was try to make himself as great as someone he is not worthy of. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama attended the funeral. I sincerely doubt it was out of friendship… they sensed a frozen moment in history and wanted to be in the picture. Shimon Peres was a soldier turned politician… something neither Obama or Clinton can relate to.


From the Daily Caller:

Ever one to steal the spotlight, President Barack Obama upstaged iconic Israeli leader Shimon Peres at this own funeral Friday.

“I could somehow see myself in his story, and he could see myself in mine,” said Obama, speaking on behalf of the deceased leader, who not only helped found the state of Israel, but also served stints as both president and prime minister.

Obama noted that Peres reminded him of former South African president Nelson Mandela and the U.K.’s Queen Elizabeth. The president hailed his friendship with the former Israeli leader, who he met with several times during his political career and once awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“He knew better than the cynic that if you look at the arc of history, human beings should be filled not with fear but with hope,” said Obama.

Obama acting like a friend to Israel is a ludicrous joke. He has done nothing but be hateful to them since he got into office. And I am sure as he leaves the White House and traipses off to the UN, he’ll keep up his hatred for the Jewish state and keep trying to destroy them. Peres was not perfect by any means, but compared to Obama, he was a lion in the desert.

I was not a fan of Peres. He sought peace with those who would destroy his country and it never bore fruit, just death. Having said that, he did some great things regardless and Israel mourns his passing. May he rest in peace.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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