Shocker! Dem Pain From Obama Policies To Hiy Later

Really, no one should be shocked, though, The Politico sure seems to be

President Barack Obama has long boasted about the transformative change he’s bringing to the country.

But by the time those reforms finally arrive, he could be long gone from the White House.

Some of Obama’s biggest promises won’t go into effect until long after his first term — and in some cases, well past a second. In fact, buried deep within some of the Democrats’ most significant reform bills are dozens of policy time bombs set to blow at more politically convenient times.

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The Democratic reform triumvirate — health care, Wall Street and energy — is filled with provisions designed to front-load policy benefits and delay political pain.

If you read the article, you will see how bad it all actually is. That said, the story seems to focus on the pain Democrats could receive from these policies: what about the pain the American public will go through thanks to these wankers?

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