SHUDDER: Compilation VIDEO of Joe Biden Being SUPER Creepy is Released

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | February 26, 2015 6:00 pm

Daft and creepy[1] – what a Vice President, huh? Does a country proud. Biden is the sole reason many are afraid to impeach Barack Obama. Can you imagine that imbecile with launch codes? Shudder. Not only that… he’s a lech. Throughout Obama’s whole tenure, we’ve watched him creepily hug unresponsive women, have biker chicks on his lap, rub their shoulders, touch them on their waists and backs… But Biden is right at home with all the other evil, lying, immoral scum that populate the White House. Groping is part of his meet and greet… well that, and some of the most moronic utterances ever to shame the oval office.

From Gateway Pundit:

Hide the children!

Finally, here is the compilation video of Vice President Joe Biden being creepy.

In any private sector organization Joe Biden would have been forced into some sort of harassment prevention training by now.

Obama is no stranger to creepiness either. Remember Bowe Bergdahl’s parents? Awful handsy with the mom. And then there was the Danish Prime Minister at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. I’d no sooner step into the fetid swamp that is DC and the White House, than I would stroll through hell. Pretty much the same thing when you think about it. If we ever get Obama and Biden out of there, it will have to be disinfected… maybe burned to the ground. It’s that bad. Drugs, sex, politics and much darker endeavors go on within those historical walls these days. Biden is creepy because he is part of the most scandalous administration in America’s history.

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