Supreme Court Puts Temporary Block On Obama’s Power Plant Regulations

Yet another Obama initiative put in place with his pen, an attempt to do an end run around the duly elected law making branch, knocked out by the court system

(Fox News) A divided Supreme Court on Tuesday abruptly halted President Obama’s controversial new power plant regulations, dealing a blow to the administration’s sweeping plan to address global warming.

In a 5-4 decision, the court halted enforcement of the plan until after legal challenges are resolved.

The surprising move is a victory for the coalition of 27 mostly Republican-led states and industry opponents that call the regulations “an unprecedented power grab.”

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The plaintiffs wanted this hold because they would have been forced to comply with the draconian Obama regulations, which would have raised energy prices, raised the cost of living for citizens, and cost jobs, while waiting as this whole thing rolls through the courts.

To convince the high court to temporarily halt the plan, opponents had to convince the justices that there was a “fair prospect” the court might strike down the rule. The court also had to consider whether denying a stay would cause irreparable harm to the states and utility companies affected.

The 4 Leftist judges apparently couldn’t have cared less whether the rules would have hurt the states and citizens. It could easily take into 2017 for all the court hearings to take place, past when Obama is around. If a Republican wins the White House, that person could easily use his pen to cut the program.

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