Teacher Gives Assignment That PRAISES Sharia Law

Teacher Gives Assignment That PRAISES Sharia Law

Sharia Law in our schools? I’m interested to see if there will be outrage over this, or if it will be swept under the rug because people feel it’s too crazy to be true.

However, this… is true.

Now according to reports, a teacher there had the audacity to pass out the worksheets to the students at a middle school in Georgetown. The name of this middle school is Highland Hills.

A southern Indiana school district was under fire after some middle school students received worksheets that praised Islam’s Sharia Law.

Once parents got a hold of the assignment and saw that Sharia Law was being shared with their child in a positive light…knowing themselves that it is an oppressive set of laws and there was nothing positive about them, they became enraged.

One of the parents even reported the assignment as being propaganda with the agenda of indoctrinating their child into Sharia Law.

They were ticked.

The homework assignment introduced a 20 year-old Saudi woman and her feelings for her way of life under “Sharia Law.” It described her as feeling “very fortunate” to be living under such a set of laws. The worksheet then went on as she described her joy filled life as the second wife of a man who was already married. She then talks badly about “Westerners” who she described as not having any moral code.

“I’m just not OK with my daughter — or any child that age — leaving class with the understanding that anything about Shariah law is OK.”

The spokesman of the school district, Bill Briscoe, has stated that the district will in fact be reviewing the curriculum.

For now, Sharon Coletti, who is the President of Inspired Educators and who also happens to be the creator of the controversial worksheet, still stands by her work…despite how it made the parents of her students feel.

Coletti, who surprisingly describes herself as a Christian, told her local newspaper that she was only trying to share with her students a greater knowledge of the world and was trying to get them to engage in their studies.

She also said that it wasn’t the first time that the worksheet caused such controversy and that parents had objected to it before at a separate middle school.

…and yet, she did it again?!

Although it appears she didn’t learn her lesson the first time, there is a lesson here for the rest of us. There are a lot of Americans who seem to be worried that the spread of Sharia law has the potential to really make a negative impact here in the United States and that it is quite possible that if we ignore what is going on it could spread like wildfire.

We want to know what you think? Is this something to be concerned about, or just a teacher trying to expand her student’s knowledge of the world?

These days, in the aftermath of Obama’s America… you just never really know.

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