Ted Cruz Tells Off Obama: “Let Me Suggest A Simple Rule: Don’t Give Weapons To People Who Hate Us.”

How is it that so many politicians in D.C. can’t figure this out?


Pointing out the obvious, Cruz warned that there were al-Qaeda elements supporting the rebels in the region. He also brought up reports of severe brutality and crime at the hands of the “rebels.”

“In recent weeks, a training video has been posted on an al-Qaeda website showing young rebel recruits in Syria singing, not only about overthrowing Assad,” Cruz explained, “but also how quote, ‘the World Trade Center was turned into rubble.’”

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Cruz said the real goal of the rebel forces is to overthrow the Assad regime and establish an Islamic state.

“These forces are engaged with a deadly struggle with the Assad regime and President Obama has chosen this moment to signal that it is now suddenly in our vital security interests to intervene in Syria,” he said. “It seems far more likely a recipe for disaster.”

The Texas Republican said arming the Syrian rebels with guns and ammunition will only add to the problem.

“Regardless, let me suggest a simple rule,” Cruz said. “Don’t give weapons to people who hate us. Don’t give weapons to people who want to kill us.”

We’re giving BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to nations that demonize the United States in their government controlled press, that are friendly with people who want Americans dead and whose citizens would dance in the streets if there was another 9/11. In Syria, we’re essentially helping Al-Qaeda’s pals take over the country. That doesn’t mean Assad is our friend or a good guy — he’s certainly not — but does it make sense to get involved in a civil war to help a bunch of Taliban wannabes take over Syria so they help their buddies in Al-Qaeda orchestrate the next 9/11?

Just because there’s a war going on somewhere in the world doesn’t mean the United States needs to be right in the middle of it, especially when it’s being fought between two groups of bad guys.

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