While Terrorism Rocks the Globe, Obama Is Quietly Doing the Unthinkable

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 21, 2016 8:56 am

Obama has literally opened[1] the floodgates to let in as many unvetted Islamic refugees as he can before Donald Trump takes office. Last year, we brought in an astounding 84,995 and if Obama’s trend continues, this year will break his goal, ushering in 110,580. They are being sent to all corners of the country, with special emphasis on conservative centers in an effort to turn the voting demographic blue. It is bringing crime, violence, intolerance and terrorism into our cities and neighborhoods. It is simply unthinkable what Obama is doing while terrorism is rocking the globe.

President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to stop the Refugee Resettlement program until extreme vetting can be done on incoming refugees. This has to be done to halt the influx of Islamic militants that pose a threat to our national and personal safety. The U.S. State Department’s Refugee Admissions Program has run on autopilot since Jimmy Carter signed the Refugee Act of 1980. It has always been a Marxist goal to have open borders and stack the vote. Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review, noted Trump can block the roughly 80,000 who are scheduled to come in after he takes office. Let’s hope he does so… with Jeff Sessions in the mix, it’s a good bet that will happen.


From WND:

Through the first 11 weeks of fiscal year 2017, the United States welcomed 23,428 individuals as “refugees,” according to the Refugee Processing Center[3]. At this rate, the U.S. will resettle roughly 110,580 this fiscal year, which would exceed President Obama’s target of 110,000.

Contrast that with last year, when the U.S. welcomed only 13,786 “refugees” through the first 11 weeks of FY 2016. The country would end up welcoming 84,995 by fiscal year’s end.

Leo Hohmann, a veteran journalist and WND news editor, sees this as part of a “concerted effort” by the Obama administration to admit as many as possible before Donald Trump becomes president.

“Get them here before Trump takes office on Jan. 20, because you don’t know exactly what Trump will do with regard to this controversial program,” is how Hohmann summarized the current administration’s attitude. “The left is in panic mode because this program has run on autopilot for 35 years, and now for the first time we have a president who has expressed an interest in taking a hard, critical look at how it is run and the effects it’s had on our cities, states and country.”

“To begin with, §212(f) of [the] Immigration and Nationality Act gives the president unilateral authority at will to shut down any form of immigration under any circumstance,” Horowitz explained in a recent column. “In particular, §207 delegated to the president full authority to set the number of refugees to be admitted in a given year. Thus, Trump can easily shut down refugee resettlement through executive action on day one of his administration.”

In fact, it would be warmly received and more than prudent to put a ban on all refugee resettlement from Muslim-majority countries for a given time period, while extreme vetting is done. I favor a five year moratorium, which would give President-elect Trump time to start setting policy and ensuring our national security is not compromised. Trump will have to work on two fronts now… at home and internationally to stop this onslaught. He has picked a very good team to help him with that. The countries that should be targeted are Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq. I would add to that mix, Pakistan. This has to be a top priority for Trump… our nation’s survival depends on it.


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