The Liberals At The Associated Press Take A BITE OUT OF OBAMA

by John Hawkins | June 11, 2013 6:55 am

In a world where there are liberals who enthusiastically applaud the IRS going after Tea Party groups for being conservative[1], the Left can be counted on to defend the Obama Administration under almost any circumstances.


However, Obama broke an unwritten rule: He went after liberals, too — and that is absolutely not allowed. You can do anything you want to the other tribe (conservatives) and you can treat outsiders any way you like (the American people), but you never, ever, ever go after other liberals.

If you’re a liberal and you do go after liberals, like the liberals at the Associated Press — don’t be surprised if you get a response like this one from Liz Sidoti[3].

You can trust me, Obama said back in 2008. And – for a while, at least – a good piece of the country did.

But with big promises often come big failures – and the potential for big hits to the one thing that can make or break a presidency: credibility.

A series of mounting controversies is exposing both the risks of political promise-making and the limits of national-level governing while undercutting the core assurance Obama made from the outset: that he and his administration would behave differently.

….Collectively, the issues call into question not only whether the nation’s government can be trusted but also whether the leadership itself can. All of this has Obama on the verge of losing the already waning faith of the American people. And without their confidence, it’s really difficult for presidents to get anything done – particularly those in the second term of a presidency and inching toward lame-duck status.

…Obama has waning opportunities to turn it around. He’s halfway through his fifth year, and with midterm elections next fall, there’s no time to waste.

If he can’t convince the American people that they can trust him, he could end up damaging the legacy he has worked so hard to control and shape – and be remembered, even by those who once supported him, as the very opposite of the different type of leader he promised to be.

Translation: Obama came in promising to be a great President and he’s turning out to be another Nixon! The way all of this is going, a decade from now, liberals may be claiming Obama was really a conservative. That’s eventually what they do with all their failures, isn’t it?

PS: When did the Associated Press become such a gang of racists or are liberals the only people who are allowed to criticize Barack Obama without being bigots?

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