UK Media Calls Obama OUT On His Shadiness – His Response? SHAMEFUL Disrespect… WATCH!

UK Media Calls Obama OUT On His Shadiness – His Response? SHAMEFUL Disrespect… WATCH!

What an asshat. Obama was questioned by the media in Britain about meddling in the Brexit, where Britain will vote to leave the EU. He smiled from ear to ear and then threatened Britain. He said if they left the EU, they would have to wait in the back of the queue for trade agreements. He’s basically threatening to punish them if they don’t do as he says. Obama can get stuffed. Who is he to tell the Brits what they should or shouldn’t do? He was warned to stay out of it and instead he rushed over there and bullied his way in. He needs to get over himself and butt out.


From the Conservative Tribune:

He was asked about possibly being hypocritical concerning his lecturing Britain about the “Brexit” vote on whether or not to withdraw from the European Union, which is coming in June. Look what happened when he fielded the question from an ITV reporter:

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“British reporters in various degrees of politeness — they have said to you that you should really keep your views to yourself. With that in mind, Mr. President, do you still think it was the right thing to intervene in this debate? And what happens if the UK does decide in June to leave the European Union?”

“This is a decision for the people of the United Kingdom to make,” Obama responded. “I am not coming here to fix any votes … Maybe some point down the line there might be a U.K.-U.S. trade agreement, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big block — the European Union — to get a trade agreement done.

“And the U.K. is going to be in the back of the queue,” he added.

Obama went on: “Not because we have a special relationship but because given the heavy lift on any trade agreement, us having access to a big market with a lot of countries rather than trying to do piecemeal trade agreements is hugely inefficient,” the president explained. Just so embarrassing for America. The Mayor of London himself called Obama a hypocrite and inconsistent when it came to the sovereignty of Britain vs. America. Actually, Obama hates America even more than he hates Britain and is destroying our sovereignty as fast as he can. We have always done individual trade deals with separate countries and we should especially do that with one of our biggest allies, Britain. That was a major slap in the face and a threat to the Brits. What a jerk.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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