US Ready To Abandon Lebenon Embassy As Tens Of Thousands Protest

by William Teach | September 18, 2012 9:43 am

At least the Obama administration isn’t ignoring the warnings this time, as they did in Libya[1]. Unfortunately, this time it looks like they’re preparing to see the embassy in Lebanon over-run, and are taking measures to abandon it, rather than showing strength in the face of the Islamists

(Washington Post[2]) Tens of thousands of people hit the streets of Beirut to protest the controversial video mocking the prophet Muhammad on Monday, a massive rally organized by the Shiite Muslim militant group Hezbollah that was also an attempt to show the party’s strength.

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, made a rare public appearance around 6 p.m. local time and led the crowds in chants pledging martyrdom to the prophet Muhammad.

“The world should know our anger will not be a passing outburst but that this is the start of a serious movement that will continue all over the Muslim world to defend the Prophet of God,” he told the crowd, who roared their approval as he spoke. Nasrallah also warned the U.S. that if the full anti-Islam movie is released, rather than the short clip that has been posted on YouTube, there will be “dangerous consequences.” The video supposedly promotes a full-length film.

The U.S. Embassy, which is a roughly 30-minute drive away from central Beirut, has begun destroying classified documents as a security precaution, the Associated Press reported. The U.S. Embassy in Beirut was the target of a car bomb in 1983 that killed 63 people; the U.S. Marine barracks was also attacked by a car bomb the same year, an incident with 242 fatalities.

How about bringing in more security personnel instead? By international law, an embassy is an extension of the countries sovereign soil, and any attack on it is an act of war, allowing the country to full defend the embassy. Perhaps Obama will grow a spine and send military personnel to defend the embassy, but, I doubt it.

The demonstration Monday wound through streets in Beirut’s predominantly Shiite southern suburbs, a Hezbollah stronghold. Platforms and speakers had been set up and organizers stoked up the crowd with chants of “Death to America” and “Israel is the enemy of Muslims.”

“If we keep silent about this movie, then this will happen again,” said Zeinab, a 40-year old housewife whose 7-year-old son was carrying a Hezbollah flag. “America is responsible. Whether it’s the people or the government. They are responsible.”

Don’t worry, Zeinab, the government is attempting limit the free speech of American citizens just for you.

Hezbollah has called for demonstrations to continue and take place in other cities across Lebanon in coming days. Sunni leaders, not to be outdone by their Shiite counterparts, also announced more protests on Monday. The controversial Sunni sheikh Ahmad Assir, who is based in the city of Sidon, announced a demonstration for his followers later this week.

What, we’re now having anger competitions? Fortunately, Obama is on the road for more campaign events today. Perhaps JayZ, Beyonce, or David Letterman can give him some ideas on how to handle this issue.

From Le Cafe Wiiteveen[3].

PS: For the Groundhog Day audience, ie, those who completely forget what was explained to them yesterday:

When those of us who discuss hardcore Muslim extremists refer to “Islamist”, we are doing so to differentiate from the average Muslim who isn’t pushing an extremist form of Islam. The “Islamists” are the ones who push for adulterous women and gays to be hanged or stoned, for girls as young as 11 to be married off to much older men, who preach jihad, who engage in jihad, who keep women in burkas, who want Israel wiped off the map, who want laws that would punish those who defame Islam and Muhammed, etc and so on.

Islamists are a subset of Islam. If I have to explain it again to some people, I’m sending a babysitter to their home/office, because they obviously cannot be trusted to be on their own.

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