While President Obama Is MIA, His Administration Is In Full CYA

While the President enjoys a Hawaiian vacation (it’s exhausting butting your head against the will of the people over and over and over), his D.C. people scramble and make the barely botched terrorist attack much worse.

A.J. Strata has a must-read piece about the finger-pointing while Obama is mid-golf swing:

It is a lame excuse for State to say ‘we were not required to inform NCTC that they needed to tell us to revoke a potential terrorist’s visa — and we were not required to tell them that he had one needing to be revoked’.

And I thought I had heard it all! What a bunch of double speak.

As the facts in this case trickle out from panicked career bureaucrats and lame political appointees, the picture we are seeing is one where DC is in flames, covering butts while the President vacations in Hawaii. Obama should have been back by now to right things. But he is to inexperienced to see the political danger signs, let alone the national security warning bells.

President Obama’s…what is it?…apathy? indifference? incompetence?…actions seem to always be wrong.

There’s a reason why it’s always wrong and I’ll write about that later, but for now, the fact is that we’re stuck with a man who does the wrong thing. It stinks.

The American people are not being reassured. The economy suffers. National security suffers. And, America’s standing in the world suffers.

Rats in the Obama administration scatter. Meanwhile, the cat plays. When he comes back to town, you can bet there will be some trapped rats that get drowned. But the problem is the cat will still be the cat.

And that, my friends, is a metaphor or analogy or verbal jujitsu that goes too far. Sue me. I’m on vacation. Let’s face it. The Obama administration is a mess. I actually bought that Barack Obama was a smart guy. I figured he would learn from his missteps and for political reasons right the ship, but I don’t see that happening.

In fact, I see 2010 sucking worse than 2009. The economy has many reasons to double dip. The terrorists will be emboldened by the scatter-brained actions of the administration.

Sorry for the misery. I’d like to be more hopeful. I just don’t see it.

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