WHITE HOUSE LEAKS! Obama Has Been Found Out – Look What He Did Before Leaving Oval Office!

by Sierra Marlee | March 10, 2017 7:28 pm

It turns out that Obama had completely changed the way intelligence was shared mere days before Trump was slated to take office. This means that the leaks Trump is battling at the moment are almost completely the former President’s fault.



From Young Conservatives[2]:

It has been really disappointing to learn the lengths Obama has gone to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

His fingerprints were all over the Mike Flynn situation.

He has clearly set up an anti-Trump “nerve center” with Valerie Jarrett.

He has openly criticized Trump.

His administration was clearly spying on Trump’s team during the election in one form or another.

And now, this…

From The Daily Caller[3]:

Former President Barack Obama made a last-minute change to the way wiretapped intelligence is shared Jan. 12, which may have contributed to the proliferation of leaks plaguing the Trump administration.

Obama changed the way National Security Agency intelligence is shared 8 days before leaving office, which allows globally intercepted communications to be disseminated across the entire intelligence community.

Not good.

What an absolute ass! He has been working to sabotage Trump since his election in November. Let’s hope Trump can undo this and continue his Presidency in peace.

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